How did the Valhalla Airsoft store begin?

In the December of 2021, the Valhalla team expanded and added a new member, Jeff Simpson, who owns and operates Rhodius Labs, Inc.  Rhodius Labs designs and manufactures a number of products that were inspired by the Valhalla team's needs for better and upgraded equipment.  The Valhalla Airsoft team uses and battle tests all of the Rhodius Labs products.

How do you design your products?

Necessity is the mother of invention.  We are always tinkering with gear and always thinking of how to make our gear work better.  When we ran into problems that didn't seem to have a solution on the market already, we decided to build our own.  Case in point was the problem of fogging.  Even with all the fans, goggles, anti-fog spray and wipes, we still had a fogging problem.  That's where the inspiration for the Integrated Airflow Adapters and Gaskets came from.