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Valhalla Airsoft

VMAX Gen2 Airflow Gasket - Oakley M Frame 2.0/3.0 compatible

VMAX Gen2 Airflow Gasket - Oakley M Frame 2.0/3.0 compatible

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You've asked for them.  Now they are here!!!  The Valhalla Airsoft Integrated VMAX Airflow Gasket for the Oakley M Frame 2.0/3.0 Strike frame is available!!!   Please allow a week or two for delivery as we handle the initial orders.

Angle adapters sold separately  

The VMAX Airflow Gasket is designed to provide easy, consistent and safe airflow across the inside of your eye pro to mitigate fogging.  These gaskets easily clip onto to Oakley M Frame eye pro (works for both 2.0 and 3.0 - NOT compatible with M Frame Alpha).  Then you can easily insert the air flow tubes into the integrated tube guides.  Turn on your Exfog or Noveritsch fan and no more fog and more fogless pew pew.   These gaskets have been tested by Tier 1 operators in the rain, in a swamp at dew point with NVGs - no fog.  Ask Savage Actual how good they work.

Oakley M Frame glasses not included.

They are designed to work with the standard SI lens that comes with the frames.  If you have aftermarket lenses or even vented lenses, these may not fit effectively.  And you really don't need vented lenses with the the VMAX gaskets. These are NOT compatible with the M Frame Alphas, but those models are on our product roadmap.


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