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Valhalla Airsoft

Valhalla Sacrificial Lens Protector - AKFIRE 558

Valhalla Sacrificial Lens Protector - AKFIRE 558

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This sacrificial lens is built and tested to protect your inexpensive AKFIRE 558 red dot optic.  The mount easily clips onto the optic and is made of super durable material.  The LEXAN sacrificial lens will take multiple point-blank hits from a Airsoft bb at 1.55 Joules.  It will even easily survive a full auto burst.  Even after being hit - even multiple times - the lens is usable and likely will not need to be replaced.  However, if your lens gets too banged up for your liking, the kit comes with a replacement lens that is easily replaceable by just popping the old lens out and popping the new lens in.


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